Integ Group Inc. is a professional placement search agency specializing in Manufacturing, Engineering, Plant Management, Maintenance and Technical Support staff. We strive to provide the most effective recruitment solutions available, utilizing our years of experience, expertise and industry knowledge.

We carefully screen every applicant to assure specific skills match employment needs. We offer a competitive fee schedule and an unconditional free replacement guarantee. We hope to work with you and your staff in the future on any of your companies search needs.

Integ Group offers a highly specialized recruiting service. The professionals at Integ Group understand that no two searches are exactly alike and that it takes a lot more than just "headhunting" to make truly successful placements.

With Integ Group, you are not just another entry in a vast database of companies and prospects. We understand that you are a unique individual looking to make one of the most important decisions that a person can make. We work hard to ensure that each candidate is treated to customized, personalized one-on-one service that leaves our competition looking cold.

Our goal is to create long term, lasting relationships between employer and employee and due to our focused attention to detail, our dedication and years of industry experience we succeed at this quite well.

Integ Group is not a Temp Placement Agency or Staffing Company. All of our placements are for full-time permanent hire between client and candidate.

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